With many years of tattooing experience Stella Shenouda is the trusted cosmetic tattooist for many of the celebrities and media personalities we see on our screens today. Our courses combine various techniques Stella has mastered over many years and now can train you in.

We’ve condensed this into a practical and down-to-earth training program that makes it easy for you to master 3D microblading and excel in the cosmetic tattooing industry. Stella is certified in 3D Microblading, Shading, Phi Brows and Full Lip Blend Tattooing and is highly regarded in the industry.

Our training is a mix of face to face workshops, with an intensive supported independent study component. You will be mentored following your workshop to ensure your skills and technique reach the high standard we demand.  Our students sit for their final assessment once they are competent in the skills rather than rushing to complete it in a short time frame – giving our graduates a reputation of excellence.

Head to our dedicated website to browse our courses, upcoming dates and don’t wait another minute.