Say ‘See you never’ to your old eyebrows with our Enlighten Laser therapy!

Normally we’re all about creating new brows, but just this once, let’s talk about removing them. If you have received eyebrow tattoos that were less than what you were promised, bySTELLA now has a way to remove them and make way for new brow tattoos you’ll love.

With the Enlighten picosecond laser tattoo removal technology, bySTELLA can now remove unwanted tattoos of all colours and on all skin types with 40% fewer treatments required! Sounds too good to be true? Science says it’s all for real.

Our exclusive cutting-edge technology utilises two laser wavelengths to ensure we’re catching every last tattoo particle, no matter how small, to give us a perfect blank slate to re-craft those brows. The best news? This elite tech won’t damage your skin or brow hair, as it is programmed to detect pigment not hair.

Tattoo ink particles vary in size. Previous technologies would break down either small particles or large particles, but not both together. The versatility of the PiQo4 allows for precise treatment of a wide range of particle sizes and tattoo colours.

Many other technologies aren’t able to treat a wider variety of skin colours, such as our darker and Asian babes without risking Post-Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation or even scarier side effects like scarring and burning. But bySTELLA can treat every chick under the sun!

The number of treatments you require to finally be rid of some not-so-cute brows will depend on the age and colour of the ink, but based on previous clients, we’re seeing amazing results with 40% fewer treatments.

Our exclusive treatment uses two cutting edge technologies which are combined to clear more colour in a faster treatment; around 40% fewer treatments than older technology alone. This means better clearance, fewer sessions, and less ghosting than with other systems.
All tattoos and skin tones can be treated using the enlighten system with a minimal risk of scarring – multiple treatments will be required to completely remove a tattoo though. The number of treatments required will depend on the size and placement of the tattoo as well as the colours and the depth of the ink.
Addresses Deeper Levels of Pigmentation. Professional tattoo artists deposit ink into different levels of the dermis during the tattooing process. The enlighten is the only skin laser system that is able to work at varying depths, while targeting a full spectrum of colours. It is also the only laser system that’s suitable for all skin types.
Fewer Treatments are Required. The enlighten system is shown to require 40% fewer treatments than traditional laser tattoo removal systems. Fewer treatments result in lower costs and reduced recovery times, however, the number of treatments required will vary between patients.
Pain is Minimised. The majority of patients who’ve undergone tattoo removal treatments using the Cutera enlighten have reported it to be far less painful than traditional skin laser systems, which is another reason why it’s the preferred choice.
This new treatment offers effective removal of all common coloured tattoos, either amateur or professional. This new technology targets both large and small tattoo particles simultaneously, breaking them into tiny particles that are naturally removed by your body. The laser only targets the ink, and will not harm the surrounding skin.
Tattoo ink particles vary in size. Previous technologies would break down either small particles or large particles, but not both together. The versatility of the Enlighten device allows for precise treatment of a wide range of particle sizes and tattoo colours.
Many other lasers exclude certain skin tones because of the side effects on darker skin. If your skin forms keloid scars, you may be more prone to scarring after any skin trauma, including laser treatment to the skin. Dark skin may be at increased risk of hypopigmentation. Hypo and hyper-pigmentation are a common risk of treatment. However Enlighten’s range of specifications provides the tools needed to effectively remove pigment with a higher safety margin. The team at by Stella will determine if this treatment is right for you at your initial consultation.
During your treatment session, you will hear the laser emit a loud, audible popping sound, then feel warmth over the general area of the skin. The treated area may feel tight and dry.
The number of treatments needed depend on the tattoo itself, it’s age and colour, the area of the body and the background skin colour.
We will advise our estimate of sessions at your consultation.
Location on the body matters: The closer the tattoo is to the heart the better circulation, therefore better results. More colourful tattoos and greater surface area usually require more treatments.
Amateur tattoos are typically not as deep as professional ones, and are easier to remove.
A treatment series can range from 2 sessions, up to 10 sessions, and are conducted 6-8 weeks apart.
Immediately after treatment, you will see a “frosting” over the treated area. The skin may swell in the treated area, accompanied by mild redness.
The frosting, swelling and redness will resolve naturally in a matter of hours.
The tattoo may crust or blister as the body repairs itself. This will resolve naturally. The tattoo will fade gradually in the following weeks as your body clears the ink.
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