Pigmentation; Our Clear and Brilliant PICO Pigmentation advanced laser treatment is used  for gentle, predictable and quick improvement in the appearance of unwanted freckles, sun spots, stubborn pigmentation, Melasma and age spots- making  your skin appear lighter, brighter and more even.
PICO Pigmentation Laser is able to treat
• Freckles
• Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
• Solar lentigines
• Melasma/chloasma
• Post-acne pigmentation
• Age Spots
• Computer Radiation Spots
• Uneven skin tone
• Cafe-au-lait
• Birthmark
• Skin dyspigmentation
• Blue Hyperpigmentation
• Blue or grey facial patch
• Freckles
• Solar lentigines – light brown to black pigmentation spots
• Melasma – large brown skin patches
• Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which can be the result of acne, burns or aggressive clinical treatments among others
There are various types of hyperpigmentation and they do not all respond to the same treatment. The correct diagnosis is essential in the prescription of the right treatment.
Freckle is a form of pigmentation. PICO Pigmentation Laser treatment using PICOCARE 450 effectively reduces the appearance of freckles faster and in a safer manner.
There are several advantages These include:
● Shorter treatment and recovery time
● Increased patient safety
● The precision that minimises surrounding skin damage
● Delivers energy in shorter bursts, to remodel skin, improve skin texture.
● Technologically more advanced than Q-switched lasers
PICO Pigmentation Laser treatment is suitable for most skin type. During the consultation, our clinicians will review your condition and recommend the appropriate treatment better suited for your needs.
During consultation do share with our doctor important information such as the current state of your general health including any skin allergies that you may have. Also, inform him of any skin treatment that you may have had. Do remember to raise any concerns and queries that you have in regards to your condition, the treatment and the realistic result that you can expect.
This treatment improves skin’s appearance for most skin type. Its enhanced capabilities also mean shorter treatment and recovery time. However, as with most (if not all) procedures, the long-term result is also dependent on your lifestyle and habits. Do have a realistic goal in mind and discuss any concerns with our doctor.
The treatment minimises skin damage significantly. Its technology results in not only shorter treatment and recovery time but more importantly, in increased safety.
The treatment may cause minimal discomfort but do raise any concerns that you may have with our clinician during consultation.
You can expect pink or redness on the skin for up to four to five days after treatment so keeping it moisturised is important during recovery and try to shield your face from the sun.

There are some things that you are recommended to do before starting pigmentation removal treatment. If you use any exfoliating products, these should be paused for one week prior to your laser pigmentation removal treatment. Other products to avoid within this period are also vitamin A, lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicilic acid.

If you are unsure you can ask us for some advice during your personal consultation.


Patients should avoid using UV Exposure and any type of tanning including fake tans prior to their treatment. This means keeping the intended treatment are out of the sun for 2 weeks prior to treatment. If you do have any exposure, you should alert your clinician prior to commencing your treatment to avoid any possible complications.

The area that is being treated for pigmentation should be cleaned before hand. This means any makeup, serums or creams should not be worn prior to treatment. If you are not able to avoid this , please advise your clinician so that it can be thoroughly removed prior to commencing your treatment.

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The number of sessions will depend on the extent of your condition. In general, it may require anywhere from two to six sessions which may be repeated every one to four weeks. During consultation, our doctor will advise you on what is recommended.

Your recovery experience will depend on the treatment that was used and how your skin reacts to the laser or chemical peel.

Most patients can expect some mild redness and swelling following their treatment but this will subside within a few hours. Patients should avoid direct sun exposure on the treated area for at least 2 weeks after their treatment and sunscreen with a high SPF is a MUST.

Any waxing or other hair removal procedures such as IPL should be avoided for at least a week after your laser treatment to allow the skin to heal properly.

It is also critical that you follow all of your clinician’s post-treatment instructions to protect your skin in between your sessions to achieve the desired results.

Safety is always a priority at ByStella which means that we always use state of the art equipment. This includes medical grade laser machines. In addition clinicians have government approved laser safety qualifications so that they can do their job properly and make clients feel relaxed and comfortable. Prior to treatments a thorough consultation is conducted to ensure that our experienced team have all the necessary information that will ensure that any risk of complications will be minimised.

For new patients this includes a small test patch. Our test patch will ensure that the skin does not adversely react to the treatment and it will also allow patients to explore comfort levels before the full treatment is started.

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