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“Where do I begin? Stella came highly recommended by  Fabulous the Salon in Double Bay. I was told that she was phenomenal at her craft! When I called Stella, she was available for a trial and I booked her right away. After hours of talking about makeup, our upcoming big days and honeymoons, I fell in love with Stella’s energy and her work. It almost sounds like a fairytale! As silly as it sounds, it is a fairytale when you find the perfect makeup artist for your big day!

Stella understood that I wanted to look like myself, but a better version, and she totally got that. I felt absolutely beautiful, despite not having slept that well the night before the wedding. She is extremely professional, fun and charismatic. You can see her technique and style is original and her contour is on point!

My bridesmaids were on an Instagram and Snapchat frenzy after having their makeup done. Stella made everyone feel glamorous without looking false in any way. Features were enhanced, eyes were highlighted, and cheekbones were defined. Stella’s permanent smile when she stepped back to observe her work was incredibly calming and made everyone feel beautiful and flawless.

That day will forever hold a special place in my heart-and Stella will be there, too! Thank you, Stella!” x

– Meleena

“Loveliest Stella, I cannot THANK YOU enough for making me feel incredible on my wedding day!

I absolutely loved my makeup! It was flawless and natural whilst still allowing ‘me’ to shine through. My bridesmaids and Mum looked STUNNING and you tailored their makeup individually, which is so important.

From my initial enquiry through to my wedding day you were professional, prompt and organised. You have such a calming and friendly presence, which is invaluable when so much is happening – getting ready felt like one big catch-up with the girls! You truly were an asset to my wedding and I cannot recommend you highly enough. Ladies, book her in!!!”

– Caryn

“Stella did my make up on my wedding day and I felt totally relaxed and safe in her hands. She listened to what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. My make up looked natural but I had great coverage. It lasted all day and all night without any need for touch ups. My bridesmaids make up also looked flawless and we received a lot of compliments. I have had my make up done by Stella

on a number of occasions since then and recommend her to everyone. She is professional and friendly and a perfectionist when it comes to achieving the perfect look. Thanks Stella”

– Antonia Klisovic

“Stella did my make-up for my Bridal Shower as well as my Wedding. She is extremely talented, professional, reliable and has a beautiful nature. Thank you Stella for making me, my bridesmaids and my family feel wonderful ” xx

Erin – Kate



“The micro feather brow tattoo has exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier. The entire process was seamless and the end result, fabulous!! I have no hesitations in recommending Stella to friends and family – she is one of the best in the business.

A beautiful studio, expert advice and a great result. ByStella – a true professional.”

– Julie Snook (Journalist, News Presenter)


“I love my new brows! I can wear no make-up, go to the gym or the beach without worrying about my patchy brows, and getting ready in the morning takes much less time. I get so many comments about how “perfect” my brows look. Stella is a total pro – meticulous in getting the colour and shape just right for me. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

– Jayne Azzopardi (Journalist, News Presenter)


“ I recently had my eyebrows feathered by stella. My eyebrows were very thin as a result of years of plucking, I was self conscious and constantly having to pencil my brows on. I was recommended by my fellow colleagues to visit Stella for a consult- the rest is history!

Not only was the process professional and in a relaxed/ comfortable atmosphere but I could not be happier with the results! I would highly recommend anyone questioning undertaking this procedure to visit Stella!

– Jana Bartolo (Stylist)

“Thanks so much Stella for doing such a perfect job of my brows! You’ve turned my formerly uneven, sparse brows into celebrity brows and I love them! It was a really great experience and you made me feel super comfortable. I’ll certainly come back when I need a top up, and recommend you to my friends. Thanks again!”

Amy Louise Busby



“As I walk out of the beach I am fresh faced no makeup, but so lucky and greatful for my feather-touch brows. I now get to wake up with perfect brows like this everyday. Stella you are a beautiful person and a gifted soul. I had no reason to look in the mirror I had full confidence in Stella and am absolutely in LOVE with me new look! My eyebrows not only look great but they totally define my face. I’m constantly complimented by people telling me that my eyebrows are on point. Love your work and highly recommend.”

– Maria Wassef (Hairdresser)


“I originally got my eyebrows feathered by an artist who claimed they were a micro feather tattoo specialist. The service itself was appalling and she was blatantly rude. The process was so painful as she kept telling me to put up with stages of the procedure without any application of topical anaesthetic. The brows themselves were gappy and the colour faded to a blue tinge 2 months after the touch up when they claimed they would last up to 2 years.

I ended up going to Stella to have them fixed and what a contrast it was. Stella was so utterly professional and incredibly gentle. The environment was relaxing and I felt comfortable in her hands. She used the right colour for my brows and the micro feather strokes look so natural like my own hair. It’s been 5 months and they still look Amazing! Great experience, great brows! I wouldn’t go to anybody else!!”

Diana Zaky (Dental Hygienist, Caringbah)


“Stella Tattooed my eyebrows for the first time 7 months ago, and again just recently for a touch up. Getting them done was a big decision but I’m so glad I went through with it. I no longer have to pencil my brows in,and to be perfectly honest I now look back at photos of myself a year ago and wonder why I didn’t do it earlier. I can now wake up and go out without makeup and not feel so naked. The process is simple and other then the day of the tattoo there’s no down time. Stella is friendly and very cautious to make sure she’s giving you exactly what you ask for- she asks several times throughout the process for you to look in the mirror and give feedback as to how she’s going and if you’re happy with the shape taking place. If you think you need more in a certain area she is happy to accommodate your request. Your face is always on display, and I wanted to make sure I got it right, and I know that I chose the right person to do my tattoo as whenever I tell people my brows are tattooed the response is always”really?’ and then a closer inspection! Thanks Stella your Amazing!” Xxx

– Kristy Winiata


“Stella, you are simply incredible and your work is nothing short of Amazing. You’re genuine, accommodating and so passionate and this really comes through your beautiful work. I can’t thank you enough for my makeup, I received so many compliments about how natural and flawless it looked, despite sleeping between the two events that I had and the heat that day. I really love that soft look and it was easy for you to achieve. There was a real sense of feng shui in your studio, which also added to the experience. Your professionalism and talent is second to none. Thanks, beauty!”

-Krestin Gayed

“Having had my eyebrows tattooed twice previously, I thought I knew what to expect… I was wrong. My eyebrows look the most natural they have looked in 30 years and, by far, the best they have ever looked.

Stella’s eye for perfection and attention to detail is incredible and her concern for my comfort and warm personality meant I actually enjoyed the entire process, imagine that. My only problem is now, I can’t stop looking at them!

 Thank you Stella, not only from me but my husband too. When I got home the first thing he saw was my enormous grin then, once he saw my eyebrows, he was gobsmacked. I’m looking forward to hitting the beach, makeup free!”

 Deborah Evans

“Two hours in Stella’s chair changed my life! For the first time ever, I have brows! I no longer need to draw them on every day, and I feel confident makeup free! Having full & natural looking brows is especially awesome when I am exercising & and in the great outdoors! I no longer carry an eyebrow brush in my backpack! Oh and the very best bit…it wasn’t even painful!”

-Gabrielle Boyle (Cannel 9 Journalist / News Reporter )

“My brows were gappy and untamed until Stella worked her magic- no waxing, just plucking perfection. I love them!”

– Morgan Hill (Senior Stylist, Valonz)

Kissable Lip Tint Tattoo

“I was lucky to have Stella do lip tattooing for me. She was gentle, professional and superb.I would recommend her to anyone looking for lip tattooing service. She provided a touch up service 6 weeks after the procedure and my lips came up looking even better! I’m definitely going back for eyebrow tattooing and for other cosmetic services she provides.Very happy, happy customer. Thank you Stella!”

– Adel Al-Alosi


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