This cosmetic tattoo is a natural “Lash Enhancement” and creates undetectable definition for eyes. Unlike traditional eyeliner tattooing (in which ink is embedded “above” the lash line) invisible liner uses small needles to dot and fill “within” and around the lash bed. Most women comment that their lashes appear fuller and the whites of their eyes brighter. Our natural liner can be applied to the top or bottom lash line.

We do not cater to requests of “winged eyeliner” or double thickness as pigments can migrate or blur in future. Making it difficult to correct.
This treatment is not painful. For the top lash line, the eyes are closed throughout the procedure and an anaesthetic balm is applied with a micro-tip for accuracy allowing the client to rest peacefully without concerns about eye irritation during the treatment. We offer both top and bottom eyeliner options.

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(Prices includes Consultation, Initial Procedure and Perfection Visit)

Microblading $1,200
Powder Effects $1,200
Hybrid/Combination $1,350
Lip Blushing $1,100
Eyeliner Top or Bottom $1,100
Eyeliner Both Top and Bottom $1,250

Eyebrow Yearly Refresh $350 – $650
Lip Blushing Refresh $400
Eyeliner Refresh $400


(Prices includes Consultation, Initial Procedure and Perfection Visit)

Microblading $1,495
Powder Effects $1,495
Hybrid/Combination $1,650
Lip Blushing $1,495
Eyeliner Top or Bottom $1,200
Eyeliner Both Top and Bottom $1,495

Eyebrow Yearly Refresh $350 – $650
Lip Blushing Refresh $400
Eyeliner Refresh $400

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Ensure that the natural lashes are free from mascara. Eyelash extensions including individual strands must be removed prior to the treatment. We do not recommend this treatment if you are suffering from an eye irritation or infection. Contact lenses can be problematic or uncomfortable during the tattoo procedure so If you wear contacts, you need to take them out before the procedure. You should also be prepared not to wear them for a few days after., Your eyes may be a little swollen or tender following the application but will subside over the next few days.

An anaesthetic will be placed onto the lash line before the technician applies the liner to give you an idea of your design.


– Avoid running water over the eyes for 5 days.

– The use of makeup, in particular mascara, cannot be worn during this period.

– Be careful to only use cleanser around the eyes but not through the lash bed.

Our eyeliner lasts about 3 – 10 years depending on varying factors.
It’s considered permanent because the pigment will remain in the skin forever, but the longevity of the colour and its visibility will eventually fade.
Body art inks are permanent, and cosmetic inks are semi-permanent. [Cosmetic inks] have less of a metal base in them, metal being the component that makes it permanently adhere.
Also with cosmetic tattoo pigments the pigment is deposited only into the first layers of the skin.
”The ink used for regular body tattoos is formulated differently and goes much deeper.”
First is the tight-line or invisible liner, which involves dotting the pigment between the layers of your eyelashes to darken your lash line, leaving you with a subtle lash enhancement.This option is “a lot [thinner] than an eyeliner, and it’s considered very natural-looking.
Then there’s natural eyeliner, which is “a step above” the tightline.
For the eyeliner application, the pigment is actually applied above the lash line and it’s drawn almost as if you were to put a thin liquid eyeliner on. It’s mostly for people who wear that look on a daily basis and they want to stop having to do it.
Our technicians will work with the client and take into account their facial features to determine what size and shape the eyeliner should be.
A numbing cream is applied to the area prior to the actual procedure. Once the effects of the cream kick in, the whole process should be pretty painless.
However, everyone has a different pain tolerance, which means some people might find the procedure to be only minimally uncomfortable.
Once you get your eyeliner applied, there’s really no down time. You can leave and go about your daily tasks and even drive yourself home. The one thing you can’t do is wear makeup, especially mascara (which is pretty much full of bacteria after the first use).
You may experience some scabbing as your liner heals, but it will likely be minimal. If you do have scabbing, do not pick it off. You just notice little black flakes fall out of your eyelashes over the course of a couple days.
A tight-line application should generally heal within three to seven days, but a thicker eyeliner application may take seven to 10 days.You should definitely avoid touching or rubbing your eyes while they heal, so you don’t spread any germs or bacteria around the area.

The “tattooed” eyeliner typically lasts about 1-3 years.
The pigment will eventually fade. If you eventually decide you don’t want the eyeliner, it’s possible for it to completely fade in one to three years. Everyone’s skin holds the pigment differently, so it’s tough to say how long it will take for the liner to become invisible.
YES! If you are currently using ANY lash growth product such as Latisse, GrandLASH, RevitaLash etc. you must discontinue using these products for two weeks to one month prior to an eyeliner procedure.
Do you have different colors for me to choose from?
Starting in your lashes and building up, we often layer a beautiful brown-black and a dark black for a nice, natural look. At your follow-up appointment, we determine if reapplying the same combination is desirable or if we want to intensify the color with a little more black. Straight black wants to turn blue-grey so applying a base color creates a more satisfying result. Brown-black can also be used alone for an even softer effect. Fashion colors are available but require a brown-black base to provide depth of color.
We offer several options for the length of the lower liner. We will never go past your tear duct due to issues of migration and damage to the tear duct. We can taper the line towards the tear duct or stop just past the pupil. This decision is made at the start of your appointment in the consultation stage.
Anti-Aging/Skin Care products Careful application of anti-aging products to your face is vital. From our own experience, a basic anti-aging moisturizer, when applied daily to the area ABOVE the eyebrows, caused the brows to fade more rapidly than expected. Skin care products can travel up to 3 inches from the initial application area! This means any product applied to the typical forehead may travel into the brow area. If your brows are fading in less than a year, this is most likely the reason.

Medications Some medications may affect your healing time or colour retention. It would be impossible to have a list of how all medications affect your outcome. Generally, it is not an issue but occasionally, it may be. We ask for your list of medications when you complete our paperwork in case we need it as a reference. Please include ALL of your medications and even your herbs and vitamins on your paperwork. Some medications are more likely to have an affect than others. For example, we know that blood pressure medication and some thyroid medications can cause the colour to heal cool. Medications often prescribed for troubled skin are a red flag that you should wait for your service. Those on ACCUTANE must wait a full calendar year prior to obtaining permanent cosmetic services. We do what we can to predict these changes but due to the living, breathing, nature of the skin, we may need either additional appointments to get the colour right or it may never be perfect. We do not give up easily and we are very patient, but this is one of the reasons we cannot provide a satisfaction guarantee on any permanent makeup.